Sunday, January 25, 2015

Springbank 10 Year Old: Campbeltown Complexity

I love a challenging whisky, and Springbank 10 Year Old delivers. For the price (around $43 US), you won't find a better entry into the world of complex whiskies. And, before you ask, it is a tasty dram; Often, terms like challenging and complex, when used to describe a whisky, mean not necessarily delectable.

You can't help but love Springbank Distillery for so many reasons; other than producing quality whiskies at fairly reasonable prices, they use barley produced locally, they do their own floor malting, and they do their own bottling. Also, they give back to the local community by providing a good number of jobs for people there, even when they could cut costs by becoming more automated. A traditional distillery for a whisky with traditional quality.

The Facts
  • Bottled at 46% a.b.v.
  • non chill-filtered (Springbank standard)
  • no artificial coloring (Springbank standard)

Tasting Notes

Honey gold

Rich, pungent
Pears, raisins, floral, butter, leather, lubricating oil, honey, salty sea spray, herbal, vanilla, slight peat, peppermint (with water), cereal maltiness

Rich, quick delivery, smooth intensification
Sweet, sour, butter, toffee, vanilla pudding, caramel, spices, peppery

Oaky, soft smokiness, caramel sweetness

There's a whisky for almost every situation, and Springbank whiskies are hard to nail down. But, one thing's for sure, when you want to sit with a whisky that is complex right from the start, and evolves beautifully over time while never losing any of its quality, it's hard to do better than Springbank.

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