Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yamazaki 12 Year: Big in Japan

It seems that a 700 ml bottle of Yamazaki 12 Year Single Malt Whisky will run you about 54 pounds in Great Britain and around 82 dollars in the US.

In Japan, however, this bottle can be had for around $53 US, so being a resident of Tokyo, I'm in a great position to explore the world of Japanese whisky at a relatively fair price. Not for long though; Suntory is set to raise prices across the board on all of its products, including Yamazaki Whisky. Of course, one would expect the difference in prices overseas vs domestic prices to remain the same, but it would be hard for me to say that Yamazaki whisky could be had here in Japan at a relatively fair price. In fact, it's a bit overpriced as it is...

Yamazaki 12 Year is an enjoyable whisky, though, all price considerations aside (Hard to do, I know).

Tasting Notes

Honey gold

Strong, highly aromatic
Sweet, floral, tropical fruits, mild honey

Smooth and steady
Starts sweet, developing spiciness initially, fruity, creamy, mild citrus

Sweetness lingers, mild spiciness, fruits and vanilla pudding

As with most Japanese whiskies I've tasted, this one drowns easily in water, so proceed with caution when tasting initially. Personally, I keep water far away from this stuff.

Conclusion: Lovers of Speyside and Highland single malts will enjoy this whisky immensely. It is a high-quality dram and has earned a permanent place in my collection. This year's price increase, however, has motivated me to give Nikka's whiskies a closer look...

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