Sunday, March 15, 2015

Springbank 21 Year Old

Finally got around to opening my bottle of Springbank 21 y.o. I had no idea that I'd been putting off what turned out to be, quite possibly, the most well-crafted Springbank whisky I've tried to date. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and even at around $300 for a bottle, I feel it's worth keeping in the collection.

Bottle code - 13/491
Limited Edition - 2700 bottles worldwide

Tasting Notes

Sherry notes, raisins, apples, baked apple crisp, bitter chocolate, cherry pie, buttery peat, leather, cigars, evolves into buttery fruitiness, classic Springbank notes ever-present, cinnamon, vanilla, treacle

Initially soft, develops beautifully, sweet and tart fruit, vanilla, hint of peat, cinnamon and subtle spices, wonderful bittersweet tang on the back of the tongue, oak

Nice smoke, sweetness of fruits and vanilla continues all the way through, dry, peaches, cinnamon, blackberry jam

Conclusion: Beautiful consistency like nothing I've ever tried before. That Springbank complexity is there, superbly-well balanced, not as intense as Springbank 12 yo, but being bottled at 46% abv after an extended maturation period, you'd expect that from Springbank 21 yo.

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