Monday, April 27, 2015

Talisker 18 Year Old

A couple of different online reviews from respected whisky connoisseurs gave the Talisker 18 y.o. currently available on shelves excellent marks, with one of the reviewers saying it's on his top-five-must-have-whiskies list.

I picked up a bottle a couple of months ago and thought, Nah. Good, but not great. However, a few nights ago I gave it another go after letting the opened bottle sit for awhile, and I have to say I now understand where those reviewers were coming from. Below are my tasting notes from my first glass two months ago...


  • Bottled at 45.8% a.b.v.
  • Purchased for ~$100 US in Tokyo

Golden caramel

Wet dog, coastal tang, sea spray, briny, grassy, honey, fruit, tropical, cranberry, raisins, toffee

Sweet, vanilla, maple syrup, malty, fruity, apples, raisins, black pepper and ginger


Smoky, peat, dry, oak, melon

Initial Conclusion: Definitely Talisker, but a bit too mellow, bordering on dull compared to Talisker 10 y.o. 

Updated Conclusion: Wow! More Talisker intensity showing up. Much more balanced; the true quality of this whisky finally shines through. As of this week, this is my favorite Island single malt yet.

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