Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Springbank 19 Year Single Cask: Whisky Live Tokyo 2015 Exclusive Bottling

This one was a bit pricey at around $250 US, but being a lover of Cask Strength Springbanks, and having heard very good things about this one, I decided to pick up what was likely the last available bottle. Remember, though, I buy these bottles for my pub, so I can usually at least make my money back on them; I would be a bit more discerning if they were for my private collection.


Name: Springbank 19 Single Cask (Whisky Live Tokyo 2015 Exclusive)
Outturn: 390 bottles
ABV: 55.9%
Distilled: May 1995
Bottled: April 2015
Cask: Refill Sherry

Honey amber

Unusually soft for a Springbank, oaky, sandalwood, tobacco and leather, slightly sweet, musty air of a room closed off for months, missing the buttery peat.

Instant impact, sweet and numbing, cinnamon, bitter chocolate, lemons and grapes.

Longish, pleasing warmth and slightly smoky, mouth-coating chocolate sweetness, dried fruits.

Conclusion: Love everything but the nose. It's a bit too weak for me, and I'm afraid my knowledge is too minimal to explain why this whisky turned out this way. My only guess is that it has something to do with this one being a single-cask whisky; not having been blended with other Springbanks, it's likely that this one is an outlier in the collection of all Springbank whiskies, falling far away from the average.

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