Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The List: What to Buy in 2016?

The question mark in the post title tells the story; I have little idea of which whiskies I want to buy this year. In comparison, last year by mid-January I had already put together an extensive list of whiskies I wanted to try, though what I was willing to buy made up only a small portion of the list, as I'm sure it does for most people who are unfortunate enough to have developed a love for this liquid which doesn't come cheaply.

So far this year, I've added Springbank Green 13 to my pub's collection. That's it.

Oh, and a friend gave me a bottle of Aberfeldy 12 for New Year's, an old standard I hadn't tried until getting it then as a gift. Though I'm intrigued by almost any bottle of whisky you put in front of me, there are plenty which have reviewed either poorly or average at best that I just tend to look past when I see them on the liquor shop shelf, pretty packaging be damned. I am happy to say, however, that Aberfeldy 12 offered something different that I found quite pleasing. In many ways, it's similar to that gentle Highland malt Dalwhinnie 15, but the taste of chocolate and toasted nuts on the finish makes it, for me, a more enjoyable dram.

But anyway, I was supposed to be talking about my whisky wish list for 2016...

Ok, well, I'm going to buy the Ardbeg Day release at the end of May; that's a given; as I've said before, Ardbeg could bottle a turd and I would want to buy it (I feel the same way about Springbank, by the way). I'd really like to pick up a bottle of Craigellachie 17 based on just reviews and not having actually tried anything from that distillery. The first release of Kilkerran 12 due in August is definitely on the list... Any Springbank 12 release... Hmmm... anything else?... Maybe an independent bottling of Clynelish... Honestly, I just need to do more research.

I may put up a review of the Springbank Green 13 in the near future, but I'll just say for now that it is very nice.

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