Thursday, February 4, 2016

Springbank Green 13 Year Old: 2015 Edition

This is the second release in Springbank's Green series, which are whiskies that contain organic barley. For more details, check out the Springbank official product announcement page. This one is fully Sherry-cask matured; the first release of Green was a 12 year old matured in Bourbon casks.

• 46% ABV
• Sherry cask matured
• Limited to 9000 bottles worldwide
• MRP: £60, $87 US (Though, I picked up my bottle for $81 US in Tokyo)


Honey, wax candles, plums and raisins, leather, buttery apple pie and cranberries, tires on hot asphalt, peat (takes a little while to come out), slightly nutty after awhile

Sweet and tart on the tip and underside of the tongue, bitter on the sides and back, slightly astringent, classic Springbank complexity, leather and honey, full-bodied and enveloping, peppery and oaky, a wisp of smoke

Medium-long, warming, mouthwatering, a bit more bittersweet and oaky over time, slightly minty late

Conclusion: This one's quite similar to the Springbank 21 (2013 bottling) I have, but it comes at a third of the price. A very satisfying Springbank and a nice addition to their range. I look forward to seeing what they do with the 2016 edition.

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